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An international provider of international resource assistance for members of the society from different countries of the world

Motto of IMTD International
“Together we can do everything!”

Due to the difficult socio-economic situation in Ukraine, society needs new approaches to solving vital issues. Thanks to decentralization, created territorial communities can make many independent decisions for the benefit of their community, and one of these decisions is participation in David Kartozia USA Program “Reviving the Economy of Ukraine”. We all understand that today, more than ever, we need to work together. Only by joint efforts, the government and the people will be able to change the situation for the better. Only together we can do everything! We invite you to take part in the Program “Reviving the Economy of Ukraine”, which was developed by the team of strategist-analyst David Kartozia, which provides an opportunity to implement “Business Ideas” and “Business Startups”, to support “Working Business, Farming and Production”, to expand “Commodity and resource markets”, develop “Infrastructural business of territorial communities”, fill charitable and social funds, fill the local budget by creating new jobs, supporting local entrepreneurship, developing infrastructure utility business and cooperation.

For effective and convenient cooperation with the Program, representative branches of consumer society IMTD-International will be opened in all territorial communities of Ukraine, by contacting with community residents, who will be able to participate in this Program. Branches will work in two directions: social and business. The social direction will interact with non-profit organizations and projects of a social nature. The tool for the existing business will be IMTD-International “Resource” LLC, which owns a group of companies that are divided into service services and industry services, providing various types of goods and services that will help newly established and existing businesses to enter domestic and international markets sales.

The IMTD Consortium of Local Self-Government Bodies, which will include representatives from each participating territorial community and various branches of government, was created to provide resources for targeted programs of territorial communities, as participants in the Program “Revival of the Economy of Ukraine”. The work of the Representative Office of the Consumer Society in the territorial community will develop according to the following main stages:

1) dissemination of information among the population about the possibilities of the project and the essence of the program “Reviving the Economy of Ukraine”;

2) collection of information from those interested in taking part in the project and distribution by areas/categories;

3) analysis of the collected information for profitability and verification of the capacity of the participants;

4) agreement with the apparatus and community development strategy, formation of closed cycles, cooperation of participants, conclusion of contracts;

5) selection of resources for launching projects and support of business processes. All business processes and projects will be recorded and monitored using modern technologies of CRM systems.

Individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a collective grant application. Qualified specialists will be able to realize themselves in a certain field.

Business owners in the field of production of goods or services will be able to find a sales market within the country and abroad, as well as expand their business with the help of financial instruments (investments, loans, leasing, and grants).

Managers or members of a non-profit organization that provides assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population will have access to social programs within the country and international donors.

For the high-quality and efficient work of the organization, at the suggestion of the curators of the Program from the USA, the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD (Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, USA)), the only acceptable form of economic activity was chosen – consumer cooperation, which makes it possible to independently ensure the preparatory stage.

Please note: the organization is apolitical and supports the government, which is legally elected.

To receive constant detailed information about the activities of the organization, its own Multi-Vector Diplomacy program is broadcast live every Sunday at 20:00 on the Facebook page.