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“International provider” of international resource assistance for members of the society from around the world.

The motto of IMTD International

CONSUMER SOCIETY IMTDINTERNATIONAL is a powerful international cooperative society, registered in Ukraine, uniting a big quantity of physical and legal persons, which are interested in the development of cooperative development, business activity, strengthening of production facilities, increase in turnover, establishment of international collaboration and increase of economic status of their countries.  

CS IMTD-International develops a network of representative offices and partner branches on the territory of Ukraine and in other countries of the world including Georgia and Moldova. Cooperative model with all its advantages will be spread in many other countries interested in our support for further economic development taking into consideration authentic culture and national values of countries.

CONSUMER SOCIETY IMTDINTERNATIONAL is an international organization following rules and principles of national and international cooperation.

Nowadays, cooperative values, which are mutual support, mutual responsibility, equality, justice and solidarity, which is the base of cooperative ideology. These moral values are an image of a cooperative ideal that is a higher goal of common activity.

Modern world economic system is a product of a complex evolution of the system of international economic relations, which is arose as a result of the deepening of international division of labor and development of international specialization and cooperation of production. Moreover, the processes of globalization of economic relations developing during last decades accompanied by integration of countries and regions, their closer collaboration and transnational processes of production and finances. 

International cooperation including IMTD-International has a special role in these processes.

Firstly, cooperation is a powerful reason of economic growth because it contributes to the deepening of specialization of production and international and inter-regional division of labor, more rational use of economic resources (capital, labor, and natural resources), technical progress, increase of productivity and, consequently, the increase of effective public production.

Secondly, cooperation is the most important instrument to decrease cost of production, accelerating the transfer of new technologies and reduction of risks in the work of subcontractors. 

Thirdly, in modern economy, cooperation is considered as some institute of regulation and coordination of economic relations in different spheres of activity and as socio-economic institution taking into account that international cooperation leads to new forms of organization of labor and capital. 

International cooperation as long-term economic relations between economic entities from different countries in different spheres of activity is combined with integration.   Integration processes have different structural levels.

At the macro level, it is a vertical integration of enterprises, which covers the entire production and distribution chain from the one who extracts resources to the trade network and horizontal integration of enterprises, which unites enterprises into one industry.

On regional and national levels, it is the formation of a complex of interacting economic entities located on one territory.

On a global level, integration characterizes processes of economic convergence (up to merger) of national economies based on coherent interstate economy and policy by these countries and on the development of constant relations between national economic entities.

Establishing long-term trade and economic relations supports deepening of specialization of production, reduction of production costs, acceleration of transfer of innovation, attraction of financial resources and, consequently, increase of competitiveness of companies, regions and countries.

CONSUMER SOCIETY IMTDINTERNATIONAL is an “International provider” of international resources and support for associated members from different countries of the world.  

Forms of recourse support:  investments, credits, leasing and International Technical Support (grants).

Collaboration with medium-sized and big business is considered through the activity of “Business-association” to join common efforts in the sphere of international marketing, consulting, logistic and international cooperation – with the support and under the control of international peace institutions and donor organizations.

Large-scale, multifaceted support in the realization of programs of IMTD-International is provided by a famous and honored in the whole world Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy  (IMTD), established by the U.S. Ambassador to the UN John W. McDonald in 1992 (Arlington, USA). The activity of IMTD supports achieving the goal – peace on the planet, strengthening interconnection of activities, individuals, institutions and communities together to improve human life.

Members of IMTD-International have a right to get services for improvement of their financial possibilities including study and training, assistance with grant applications and investor relations, and international marketing of their goods and services through a specialized trade commission.

Trade commission, which is located in Washington, DC, provides licenses, permits, logistic and market access to the United States of America, Europe and in more other regions and countries in the whole world monitoring the diversity and trying to mitigate political dependences and economic slacks.

The full members of the Trade commission are: international businessman David Kartozia, lawyers and lobbyists Robert Kelly and Michael P. Flanagan and noncommercial Executive Director Karen Dickman.

CONSUMER SOCIETY IMTD-International conducts transparent public activity and promotes unimpeded dissemination of truthful information about the implementation of its own Programs: information on the Internet, mass media, video reports (a film about the company’s activity will be released monthly), web seminars, conferences and many others.

CONSUMER SOCIETY IMTD-International is a unique organizational and legal instrument reducing the risk factors of the country and opens wide possibilities for safe collaboration with international donor organizations.